The best ways to Select A Perfume That Fits Your Personality

One of the primary purposes of fragrances is to create an absolute impression and a feeling of freshness, seduction or just - a reflection of one's mood. With this in mind, perfumes should be picked according to skin type as well as personality or even moods.

For example, women who are feminine and tender have the tendency to use flower fragrances. Such are perfumes with peony, lily, lilac, increased, tulip, violet, carnation, dahlia, fresia, orchid etc. Women with bolder character are more likely to spicy ones with clove, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, nutmeg facial ... Women who are sensual, oriental fragrances such as musk or amber contribute to express these features. Those who like enjoyable and outdoor activities primarily use citrus fragrances with lemon, lime, orange or tangerine feel. Moss and wood based fragrances reflect sporty spirit. Women who enjoy to take care of themselves use fragrances that contain lavender or musk.

Women with strong and assertive character should tend to more asian fragrances. These perfumes contain exotic extracts from honey, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and other deep aromas. In basic, fragrances with sweet and hot fragrance are for individuals who are extensive, introvert and serious. Light perfume scents such as citrus and other fruity fragrances are planned for individuals who are happy, extrovert and adventurous. Naturally, this is not a strict generalization since everyday activities also have a terrific impact on selecting the right perfume. For example, choosing warm vanilla and even coffee beans smell may also indicate that you choose your perfume based on your daily coffee drinking regimen which is one of your preferred things to do. If you select vanilla, possibly you like the taste and smell of vanilla in freshly baked cookies. If you enjoy fresh citrus, maybe it's because you're a healthy food lover. If you enjoy musk and sandalwood, perhaps you're brave and love to live life to its max . If you like flower-based fragrances, you're charming, sensual and love remaining in love. If you don't adhere to a certain perfume and select a various one each time, it indicates you're not afraid of life weather changes and welcome them with happiness.

Whichever fragrance you select, it is most likely to advise you of good times in your life and you recognize good memories with smells that advise you of them. If you like the vacations, it is most likely that you'll pick a strong wintery perfume with ginger or nutmeg notes. All in all, perfumes are like accessories on our skin. If you use it well, you'll maximize it. Confidence is the main active ingredient in women's beauty.


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